The Gold Standard

For 3D Medical and Dental Imaging

The most complete, powerful, and easy to use 3D dental imaging software. 

I’ve been using the Invivo product for years because

it’s easy to use and the broad range of features allow me

to get more out of my CBCT scans.

Product Overview

Invivo6 Plus is powered by the most advanced 3D rendering technology. This combined with tools and features designed to support multiple dental practice areas and procedures has made the Invivo solution the choice for thousands of Dentists, Orthodontists, and Oral surgeons. 

Work the Way You Want To

No matter what CBCT or intraoral scanner your practice uses if it can generate a DICOM or STL file it will be compatible with Invivo6 Plus. With both MAC and PC versions available, you won’t have to worry about buying new hardware or using multiple devices.

Advanced Features for Multiple Applications

From implant planning to orthodontics, and even radiological applications, the purpose built tools within Invivo6 Plus let you do more with your CBCT scans increasing the value of your investment in 3D imaging solutions.

More Connected Than Ever

When you combine the power of Invivo6 Plus with Invivo Workspace, our cloud-based collaboration and visualization platform, you can sync and share your files allowing your patients and other experts to view and comment on your work using the integrated web viewer. This eliminates the hassle and lost time associated with traditional sharing methods.

Improved Patient Engagement

Having your patients understand and accept the procedures you will be performing is critical to your success. Invivo6 Plus provides tools like the consult and report tabs that are specifically designed to visually demonstrate your procedures from a patient facing perspective.

Features to Support Next-Generation Digital Dentistry

Invivo6 Plus delivers a robust set of features to support nearly all dental procedures that rely on 3D imaging. 

Volume Rendering

Automatic volume reconstruction eliminates the need for manual model conversion.

A wide range of rendering presets allow you to visualize unique anatomy not easily seen on standard x-rays.

Software is optimized to run on standard laptops, including both Windows and MAC hardware.

Broad Set of AdvancedImaging Tools

Designed to support the needs of general dentists, radiologists, orthodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons.

Cosmetic dentistry tools make it easy to design implant plans and crowns regardless of which implant  and crown solutions you choose. 

Create accurate 3D cephalometric tracing and surgery simulations with our optional 3D analysis add-on.

Integrated 3D Imaging Solution

View, share, and collaborate by connecting Invivo6 Plus with our HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based Invivo Workspace platform. 

Combine Invivo6 Plus with our premium Invivo Guide service for an end-to-end guided surgery solution. 

Create impression-less digital study models from your CBCT scans with our Invivo Model service.

See Invivo In Action

Our application experts can show you everything that Invivo does and how it can help your practice.