3D Analysis

Advanced AI-Driven 3D Cephalometric Tracing and Analysis for Invivo 

3D Analysis provides the most advanced orthodontic analysis tool on the market. Leveraging unique 3D tracing methods and machine learning users can create accurate and consistent tracings directly from CBCT scans with the click of a button*. 3D Analysis makes it easy for surgeons to create surgical cuts and patient soft tissue simulations, making it a powerful and accurate consultation tool. It can also be used for tracing standard 2D analyses, eliminating the need for reconstructing and tracing on ambiguous 2D X-ray images. 

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More efficient landmark identification

Anatomical landmarks can be difficult to identify on flat cephalometric scans. To solve this problem, we created an innovative and simple way to perform 3D cephalometric tracings that will automatically identify many specific points. Our comprehensive landmark and angle measurement library allows you to accurately position points and easily define profiles on a 3D scan.

AI-driven cephalometric tracing

Anatomical landmarks have always been difficult to identify on cephalometric images. Osteoid’s AI engine automatically extracts landmarks from your scans and performs cephalometric tracings, all with a single click. 

Builder stronger patient connections 

Create truly custom patient presentations using only your CBCT scan and a digital image of your patient. Our unique photo imposition functions combined with soft tissue simulations allow your patients to see what the results of recommended surgical procedures will look like, dramatically increasing patient acceptance. 

Compatible with 2D analysis

Since many of our customers still rely on 2D analysis and the volume of data for 2D analysis is still important, our 3D Analysis module provides the full traditional 2D analysis. The software comes set up with the most used analyses and lets you quickly create your own or modify existing ones.

Automated surgical cuts

Once anatomical landmarks have been identified, you can easily visualize orthognathic surgery simulations in 3D. This eliminates the tedious construction of an iso-surface and manually defining surgical cuts. All of this is calculated automatically based on the geometry of your tracings. Accurately reposition maxillary, mandibular and chin cuts to analyze how simulated movements will affect landmark position, profile lines and the superimposed patient image. 

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Testimonial for 3D Analysis

I rely on the AI cephalometric-tracing feature in Invivo7 for its unmatched accuracy and efficiency. It showcases accurate measurements and landmarks, shaping my treatment plans with utmost precision. The software’s impressive processing speed elevates productivity and the care my team delivers. In essence, the cephalometric-tracing feature in Invivo7 has transformed my practice, ensuring superior outcomes and patient contentment. Every orthodontist should consider it an essential asset.

Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD, MS

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