Advanced 3D Modeling and Anatomical Printing* Solutions 

Completely digital solutions for a full range of orthodontic procedures.

Invivo7 Screen

Simple process

Simply upload your CBCT scan and a digital photo of your patient and our expert technicians will take it from there. Once complete, you’ll be able to download your fully segmented model from our doctor portal. 

No more impressions

Since Invivo Model is fully digital, we’ve eliminated the need for traditional stone models. No more complicated processes or bulky storage.

Unprecedented 3D insights

Our 3D models show impacted teeth, alveolar bone and their relationship to important skeletal and facial structure, giving you all the data you need to make the most accurate diagnosis.

Create interactive simulations

With Invivo Model’s fully segmented dynamic models, it’s easy to create fully interactive simulations of your procedure from within the Invivo software. These simulations provide an ideal tool for patient consultation and improving patient acceptance. 

* Anatomical Printed Models are for informational purposes only. Osteoid disclaims all liability for any damages or harm arising from use of the Model.

Want to see more of Invivo Model? 

Check out our video to learn more. 

Want to see more of Invivo Model? 

Check out our video to learn more. 

Digital orthodontic features for any application

Invivo Model provides everything you need to modernize your orthodontic practice.
No matter what procedures you commonly perform, Invivo Model can help.

3D-cephalometric tracing

True 3D analysis that’s also compatible with 2D analysis.

Fully customizable.

Traced directly on the volume for accuracy.

Surgical cuts

Split maxilla cut for palatal expansion.

Full mandible for condyle visualization.

Advanced cuts such as genioplasty available upon request.

Airway analysis

Easy to trace and analyze your patients airway.

Visualize the airway relationship to dental structures.

Superimpose pre- and post-scans to compare airway measurements.