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3D Dental 

For more than a decade we’ve been developing 3D-rendering software to support the needs of the dental industry. Our suite of solutions can enhance any practice area.

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What is the Invivo platform?

Our suite of products and services are engineered to meet the evolving needs of dental and medical professionals.

Invivo 7

The gold-standard for 3D treatment planning and analysis

Intuitive interface, powerful features, and unmatched clarity, make Invivo7 the industry leader in 3D treatment planning and diagnosis for the dental industry.

Invivo Workspace

Cloud-based viewing and collaboration

Our cloud-based HIPAA-compliant universal medical image sharing platform and FDA-cleared 3D viewer allow you to easily send medical images for instant review to another doctor.

Invivo Guide

Efficient and accurate implants every time

Combining patented technology and expert service, Invivo Guide provides the most refined surgical guide solution, helping you perform efficient and accurate implant procedures.

Invivo Model

Digital study models for advanced diagnosis

Our expert technicians turn your CBCT scan into a digital study model allowing you to create simulations of procedures. Gain patient acceptance and improve communication with your patients. 

Great features

Flexible, complete solution

Invivo7, part of the new Invivo One plan, gives you access to Invivo7, Invivo Workspace and technical support and training in one affordable plan. Invivo One also makes it easier to buy, manage and install licenses across your practice. Whether you’re on Mac, PC or a combination of both, Invivo7 is the right solution.  

Universal compatibility

With Invivo7 and Invivo Workspace you can work with scans from any device that can create a DICOM file. This covers nearly all dental CBCT, medical CT, MRI and even PET scanners.

Expansive workflow

Unlike many other 3D dental imaging tools, including those often packaged with scanners, Invivo7 provides solutions for a broad range of applications. Our tab-based interface that includes implant, restoration, airway analysis, endo and TMJ, makes it ideal for general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, radiology and more. 

Integrated collaboration

With the combination of Invivo7 and Invivo Workspace, we’re bringing the full power of cloud computing to your 3D imaging workflows. It’s easier than ever to share files with patients or colleagues from within either of our applications. Anyone you send files to can share and comment using the always free tier of Invivo Workspace. 

Today is the day

Learn more about Invivo One

Free 30-day trial

Try Invivo One Premium free for 30-days and see for yourself why  Invivo is the top product for treatment planning and diagnosis.

20+ years experience

Osteoid has been a market leader in developing the most advanced 3D-rendering software for dental and medical specialists. See why this experience has made Invivo what it is.

Knowledgeable staff ready to help

Our US based team is available via phone and email to provide real-time support to make sure your practice keeps moving.

Our products are designed with your needs in mind. 

Orthodontic applications 

Invivo brings a lot of power to orthodontic workflows. From airway analysis to surgical planning, Invivo has you covered. When you add in our Invivo Model service you can create simulations of your procedures using our dynamic study models.

Implant planning

Invivo has always been a leader in implant planning. The tools found in Invivo7 and Invivo Workspace make it easy to plan your implant procedures. When that’s done, the Invivo Guide team will be able to provide expert consultation and guide fabrication services to ensure your procedure is fast and accurate.

Endodontic applications

The needs of the endodontic community are unique and Invivo brings the tools you need to not only perform your diagnosis, but when you add in Invivo Workspace, we make it easy to stay connected with referring doctors and patients.

Radiological applications 

Since a CBCT scan is considered the standard of care in clinical diagnoses, many dentists rely on radiologists to provide in-depth analysis to identify any pathology. By combining Invivo7 and Invivo Workspace, radiologists can perform accurate analyses and maintain fluid collaboration with referring doctors.

Veterinary applications

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion in veterinary dentistry. With vet-specific CBCT devices entering the market, Invivo7 makes the ideal tool for analysis and pathology detection. With a wider field of view than traditional 2D x-rays, veterinarians can now view not only the teeth but the ears and other anatomy to detect issues that might normally be missed.