Medical and Dental Collaboration

HIPAA-compliant universal image sharing platform with an FDA-cleared 3D viewer.

Invivo Workspace

makes it easy for me to instantly share my dental images

with my colleagues and patients.

Product Overview

Invivo Workspace is a HIPAA-compliant, universal medical image sharing platform with FDA-cleared 3D viewer. Easily send medical images for instant review to another doctor or even patients. The recipient can view the image from anywhere and on any device. Since no software installation is needed, the process of sharing and viewing 3D medical images is dramatically simplified.

Open, Universal Platform

Invivo Workspace is designed to give physicians unlimited flexibility for image sharing. Enables sharing of a wide range of image types and viewer support for any device that can generate a DICOM file. Invivo Workspace is the perfect addition to your digital workflow.

Invivo Integration

With our new Invivo7 integration, you can share your implant plans and any images in your gallery directly from within Invivo7. For Dentists using our Invivo Model service, you can now view your digital study models from within Invivo Workspace

Medical-Grade Security

Invivo Workspace uses industry leading data encryption and is HIPAA-compliant. This combined with our FDA cleared viewer, has made Invivo Workspace the trust platform for medical and dental professionals.

Maximum Efficiency

Save time by eliminating the need for traditional CD or USB file sharing. Instantly share and discuss your work with anyone who has an email address and computer, including both colleagues and patients.

Cloud-based Convenience Meets Application-based Power

As you and your patients become more digital, Invivo Workspace helps bridge the gap between traditional processes and true digital dentistry.

3D DICOM Web Viewer

FDA-approved with integrated measurement tools.

Integration with Invivo 7 allows you to share and view implant plans, gallery images and digital study models.

Web based so there is no software to install.

Image Sharing, Viewing, and Collaboration

Upload and share any image or DICOM file.

Recipients can view images and add comments for discussion.

For DICOM files, doctors can use the integrated measurement tools for deeper analysis.

Industry Leading Security

Advanced data encryption.


FDA-approved web viewer.

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