Redefining the Dental Imaging Landscape

Decades of experience come together to deliver the most advanced 3D dental imaging suite.

Invivo7 Screen

More flexibility and control

Whether you are a single-location practice or a large DSO, you can manage all your products, licenses and users through Invivo One’s web-based portal. With advanced user and license management, we’ve made the traditional Invivo license transfer a thing of the past. 

Access all your tools in one place

With Invivo One’s subscription plans you get access to both Invivo Workspace and the Invivo Desktop application. You can access and view your shared cases in Invivo Workspace and download the latest version of Invivo software all from the same platform. All of your 3D diagnostic tools at your fingertips. 

Simplified complete pricing

We’ve eliminated the higher costs associated with traditional software licensing and are now making the complete Invivo software solution available in an affordable monthly subscription that allows you to add and remove licenses with ease. 

Designed for the future

Invivo One’s modern cloud architecture will form the backbone of our future development. By leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and third party integrations, new features and enhancements will be available to our customers more rapidly than ever before. 

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3D insights with digital diagnostics

Take your treatment planning to the next level with Invivo7. Our 3D-rendering technology, broad feature set and intuitive interface, gives you the tools you need regardless of your dental specialty. From implant planning to orthodontic analysis to radiology, Invivo7 can help ensure better clinical outcomes. 

Cloud-based viewing and collaboration

With the included Invivo Workspace, Invivo One lets dental professionals to share and comment on 3D treatment plans and view DICOM files from nearly any device, eliminating the need for CD or USB-based sharing. With Invivo Workspace, collaborating with colleagues and patients is as easy as clicking a button. 

Advanced administration and provisioning

When managing multiple offices and multiple users, keeping track of who has access to your software can be time consuming and costly if you’re paying for licenses that aren’t being used. Invivo One allows you or your IT staff to easily add, remove and manage all your software from a single interface.