Plans and Pricing

Invivo One gives you all the power of Invivo in an affordable plan.

Invivo7 Screen

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Invivo Guide or Invivo Model?

Invivo Workspace Free Standard Premium Ultimate
3D web viewer Limited
Chat Feature
Save Contacts
Receive Cases
Download Cases
Upload Cases
Share Cases 3/mo
Tech Support*
License Management
Starting Storage 1 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Case Expiration 30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Invivo 7
Invivo Lite N/A N/A
Invivo 7
3D Analysis
MD Studio
STL Export
Offline Use Monthly Plans: 7 Days
Yearly Plans: 15 Days
Monthly Plans: 15 Days
Yearly plans: 30 Days





Enterprise Plan

Call to configure groups of five or more 

(408) 333-3484 or

Add 10GB of storage*

$ 5 .00

a month

*Not available for the free tier

Add 50GB of storage*

$ 15 .00

a month

*Not available for the free tier

Add 100GB of storage*

$ 25 .00

a month

*Not available for the free tier