Medical Design Studio

Create Anatomical Models and Medical Device Designs that are ready for STL Export

Medical Design Studio is a sophisticated software package that is purpose built for design and creation of 3D models from medical images. The software lets you take standard CT or MRI scans and create 3D anatomy models. Additionally, you can import a 3D model of an existing medical device and customize it to fit your patient’s specific anatomy. Medical Design Studio’s versatility lets you apply its features to conceptual design, device improvement and the creation of patient-specific medical devices.* 

Feature rich and universal compatibility for a full solution 

Invivo software products are known for their compatibility and Medical Design Studio is no exception. You can work with scans from nearly all medical CT or MRI and use the full suite of 3D modeling tools to build your devices. 

Combine your device designs with medical scans 

By combining patient scans with your device designs, you can build and adjust your devices to real patient anatomy. You can even simulate the functionality of your device to make sure it will fit your patient’s needs. 

Patient specific device design

Since many of our customers still rely on 2D analysis and the volume of data for 2D analysis is still important, the 3D analysis module provides the full traditional 2D analysis. The software comes set up with the most used analyses and lets you easily create your own or modify existing ones.

Move from design to print with STL export

With Medical Design Studio you can create 3D (STL) models using medical CT or MRI scans and export those files for 3D printing of life-size patient anatomy. The software also includes image optimization features that allow you to easily clean up your images for accurate patient printouts. 

Want to learn more about Medical Design Studio?

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