After recognizing business opportunities in dental technology, Anatomage created Osteoid, a wholly owned subsidiary, to focus in this space. Osteoid provides 3D dentistry solutions to practitioners across the nation with its award-winning Invivo 3D dental imaging software platform and continues to add new capabilities to power the future of digital dentistry.

The future of digital dentistry

An osteoid is a soft organic element that forms bones in the human body. Just like osteoids in the human body, Osteoid is providing the essential software to dental practice success. Osteoid is a wholly-owned, dental-focused subsidiary of Anatomage.

The Osteoid team of elite researchers, engineers, software developers, industry leaders, academic faculty, and dental specialists are committed to delivering the next generation of 3D dental imaging software to support the ever-evolving needs of our customers in the dental and medical industries. By focusing on modern technologies, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, while maintaining the intuitive user interfaces that our products are known for, we will make the future of digital dentistry a reality.

Diagnose any patient scan in 3D

Proven in over ten years of use by thousands of labs and dental practices, Osteoid’s Invivo software and services keep dental practices and labs ahead of the curve and allow dentists to competently diagnose any patient scan in 3D.

The History of Osteoid

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering the software platform to transform dental care. Powered by artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the Invivo platform will drive the future of 3D medical imaging. As a pioneer in 3D dental visualization, our innovative technologies developed over the past 20 years continue to help medical professionals, clinicians, labs, insurers and patients get optimal diagnostic insights to deliver the best clinical outcomes. 

Invivo software release

Invivo was created to address the need for more powerful diagnostic and treatment planning tools. With its powerful toolset and intuitive interface, Invivo quickly became the first choice for doctors using CBCTs and 3D imaging.

Invivo Model service launch

Leveraging our expertise in 3D modeling, our team quickly recognized the value of digital study models to replace traditional stone models. These fully segmented dynamic models have become a valuable tool for both treatment planning and patient presentation.

Invivo Guide service launch

CBCT technology saw early adoption in the dental implant space, and Invivo was and is viewed as a leader in implant planning. Invivo Guide was introduced to provide a premiere solution for surgical guide fabrication. This service retains a reputation for superior quality and construction.

Anatomage Cloud platform launch

As technology moved to the cloud, so did the Invivo product line. Anatomage Cloud, now known as Invivo Workspace was launched to provide image sharing, collaboration and DICOM viewing all through a browser. This product reamains HIPAA compliant and FDA-cleared and supports nearly all file types.

Osteoid becomes subsidiary of Anatomage

Anticipating burgeoning opportunities in the dental space, Anatomage creates Osteoid Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary. The small startup quickly assembles agile team and develops long-term strategic plans to exceed practitioner demands, respond to industry growth, continue product innovation leveraging the latest technologies like AI and cloud computing.

Invivo One launches

Determined to make the Invivo software products more accessible, Osteoid launched Invivo One. This subscription solution gives dental professionals access to the suite of Invivo software products without the heavy upfront costs associated with the traditional licensing. Invivo One will also serve as the launch pad for many future innovations.