When Precision Means Everything

The highest quality materials and equipment combined with expert fabrication and consultation make Invivo Guide the leader in guided surgery. Invivo Guide is manufactured at FDA-registered facilities following CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice).

Invivo7 Screen

Restoratively driven implant planning

Osteoid offers integrated solutions for implant surgery. Our restoration design tool allows you to plan provisional abutments and crowns based on your virtual implant plan before surgery. Guiding the implant placement with our high precision surgical guides gives you the power to deliver same-day implant and immediate provisional treatment to your patients.

Unmatched compatibility

Invivo Guide is designed to work with a wide range of the most popular implant libraries and kits. Using the available Invivo Universal Kit, you can be confident that whatever you are currently using or plan to use, will be compatible with Invivo Guide. 

Support for even the most complicated procedures

When it comes to implant procedures, each case has its own unique challenges. Invivo Guide gives you the flexibility to choose either premium thermoform or 3D-printed guide materials. We combine this with pricing that includes multi or single-site implants and expert consultation, providing you with a solution to fit your patient’s needs. 

Perfectly connected

As part of the Invivo family of products and services, Invivo Guide works perfectly with Invivo7 and Invivo Workspace. Our suite of products allow you to move seamlessly from treatment planning, to review, to surgical guide fabrication. 

Committed to quality

We pride ourselves on having the most precise surgical guides on the market. We are constantly evaluating our materials and equipment to ensure they are of the highest quality and our processes are fine-tuned for optimal patient experience. We have established a rigorous quality control process that is compliant with the FDA and their medical device regulations.

For extensive compatibility options

In addition to our universal guided kit, our guides are compatible with the following guided systems with full depth and trajectory control

Biomet 3i
BioHorizons Pro4000
Sweden & Martina

Implant Direct
Astra Facilitate

Find out what makes Invivo Guide unique.

Want to learn more about how Invivo Guide works? Check out our video to learn more. 

Find out what makes Invivo Guide unique.

Want to learn more about how Invivo Guide works? Check out our video to learn more. 

When positive patient outcomes are your priority

Invivo Guide is trusted by thousands of dentists because our people, processes and materials continue to deliver the best results for guided implant surgery.

Broad application and instrument compatibility

Available in both thermoform or 3D-printed versions.

Compatible with a broad range of implant libraries and instrumentation.

Supports both single site and multi-site implant procedures.

Unmatched quality

Surgical guides are fabricated using the highest quality materials and equipment.

Processes are constantly optimized for both efficiency and patient outcomes.

Expert consultation is part of every Invivo Guide project ensuring that needs are understood and met.

High value

Osteoid prioritizes patient care over profit. We offer detailed guides crafted from top-notch materials at a flat, with no extra charges per site.

Our mission is to make technologically advanced surgery a general practice.

We believe that affordability is an important factor in making guided surgery the standard of care.

Fully integrated with other Invivo products

Send your Invivo7 implant plans directly to us to fabricate your surgical guides.
Sync Invivo7 with Invivo Workspace to enable near real-time plan review and approval.